A Partnership Driven to Succeed

Posted by centro on Wednesday 25th October 2017.

As most of you know I’m very into my motor sports.

And several of you who receive my fortnightly emails have joined me when the racing team I’ve had a peripheral
partnership with for the past couple of years, have held open events at race tracks around the country.

The team, Handy Motorsport, is the result of a merger between two former rival teams.  Handy is run by Simon
Belcher and Rob Austin Racing was run by Rob himself.

In both cases, they were perched in the racing seat but also ran their respective teams.  Neither they would admit now, allowed for full focus and concentration on every task as they were both spreading themselves too thin.

The great news is that Handy won their first race at the last meeting of the season on October 1st.

It’s a great result for everyone involved. For Rob as the driver, who raced superbly around the Grand Prix circuit at
Brands Hatch to seal victory in the ever popular and highly competitive Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship and for Simon as Team Principal and the visionary behind Handy.

Good for them you may be thinking. But their success has a lot of parallels with successful financial planning and we can all learn from that.
First, it has taken the members of both sides two seasons to really gel. Relationships have been built and now that trust, rapport and understanding are there, the future looks really bright for them.

Secondly, these past two seasons have been an almost non-stop period of assessing and reviewing what they are doing, revising it accordingly and improving things as they need to. It’s exactly what I do with clients where financial planning needs reviewing and revising as necessary and not least as life changes on a regular basis.

Finally, and it’s something I mention quite a lot because I think it’s so important in any relationship, both teams came together to create this new entity and as a result, had to take a blind leap of faith.

When they made the decision to join forces there were no guarantees that it would work out the way it has. Of course, both sides made considered decisions before committing to each other but there was, and always is, an element of the unknown.

Seeing Rob on the top step of the podium and being with the team behind the scenes celebrating 
was an end to the season on the highest of highs. It's been a pleasure having had the association with Rob, Simon and all at Handy. I know how hard they have all worked and their success is well deserved.