Blue ‘Sky’ Monday

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 20th January 2016.

You might have read or heard that Monday of this week was apparently the most depressing day of the year. I even touched on it in my Blog of this time last year.

It’s been dubbed ‘Blue Monday’ and is the perfect storm of melancholy and misery, apparently.

A doom laden mix of wintry weather, the festive break a rapidly receding memory and for many it’s about now their credit card bills from splurges come home to roost. At least so they say!

While many people may have been in a pit of despair, my Monday last was spent sitting in the lounge at The Grove Hotel just outside Watford with the chap who helps me with my marketing and PR.

We weren't wringing our hands with despair and weeping into our lattes. No, this was a meeting we had planned some six weeks before and it was a glorious coincidence that it fell on Blue Monday, which we only realised whilst we were talking.

Why? Well the only thing blue about the day was the sky. A bright sun shone gloriously over the lovely grounds of this popular hotel. We had chosen a spot to perch to give us full inspiration with a roaring open fire behind us giving the warmth needed.

We were too busy planning for the year to be concerned about what this day was ‘supposed’ to bring. Thus we dubbed it 'Blue Sky Monday'.

During the meeting we bounced around ideas. Some good, some not so good. We identified areas we were very good at, areas we needed to improve on and mapped out our activity for the next six months.

We committed to take action and grasp any nettle that needed grasping.  As a result, it was a really positive way to spend our most precious of all assets. Time.

It’s similar to when I meet with my clients where we discuss, establish and agree what they want their planning to achieve.

It all boils down to how planning for their financial future will enable them to live the life they want. Free from Blue Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays get the picture.

After all, life is for living. And to us at Essentially Financial, it’s that which really counts.