Congratulations, commitment and partnerships

Posted by siteadmin on Friday 28th November 2014.

I’m writing this just twenty four hours after Lewis Hamilton sealed his place in history by becoming the first British driver to win the Formula One World Championship more than once since Sir Jackie Stewart over four decades ago.

Motorsport is my big passion. It has been since I was a young teenager although it had caught my interest at an even younger age, particularly with my Scalextric. There’s just something about the sport that resonates with me. I really can’t put my finger on it. It might be the challenge (and yes there are many where it's not just driving round as fast as you can), the atmosphere, the glamour or even the smell. But whatever it is, I’ve always been hooked.

So much so that last year and with me having no intention in the interim, I returned to the track to renew my racing career after some twenty three years out.

Lewis need not worry though as many of my fellow competitors will testify but I am having a blast.

Now I may not be a multi-millionaire or have a pop star girlfriend, but I’ve got one thing in common with our hero Hamilton. The Stevenage lad learned his trade at the same kart track in Hoddesdon, in Hertfordshire where I used to race and am scheduling a comeback next year.

Lewis thoroughly deserves his success for his sheer determination, skill and grit. Not just this season but during more than twenty years he’s been competing. The commitment he’s shown towards his goal is incredible.

Commitment is a word that often comes up when I’m meeting a prospective client.

The process of financial planning requires a commitment from the client as well as the planner. I always say to people that working with a financial planner is like having a coach by your side when you train for a marathon. It's a partnership. My wife can verify the need for that when she ran the London Marathon.

The coach is there for the long haul. To listen, offer guidance, encouragement and support throughout the journey. Not at all dissimilar to what a good financial planner does in helping their clients get to where they want to be financially.

On a different note, I’m looking forward to the Pinner & Northwood Business Club Christmas Lunch next Friday (December 5th) amongst others. These events are always very popular with the local business community and it’s my privilege to be their current club chairman.

The events schedule is quite manic at the moment. It must be that time of year.