Do we really know what we’re doing?

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 3rd February 2021.

It’s not uncommon for people to look at doing things themselves. I’m no different as I often feel that I have the capability of doing things myself where given time, I’m quite capable.

Let’s face it, Google is a wonderful aid to our lives. But can it always tell us effectively, efficiently and accurately how to complete a task.

Before Christmas, I had to undergo some minor-ish surgery. Thankfully, it was keyhole surgery. But I must admit that I was quite nervous when my surgeon sat on my bed prior to me signing the consent form, explaining as to what he was going to do. And albeit in a very calm reassuring manner, he said that in 90% of cases the procedure could be performed by keyhole. But there was a chance that he’d have to make a ‘cut’.

This I already knew. But at that particular moment when he said it, I took a big swallow. Then I thought ‘you know what, you’re in good hands, so just go with it’. Frankly, if he’d felt the need to undertake full surgery whilst I was lying there, I’d be out of it and wouldn’t know. Nor could he ask me if I was happy for him to proceed.

That said when I came round in the recovery suite, my first question to my nurse was ‘did he perform keyhole’.

Naturally, I’m making a parallel here to financial planning and trying to do it ourselves. Some people I’m sure successfully can. But others regardless of where they are in the lifecycle need input, support and specialist advice.

As I write this, I’ve just seen my surgeon for my follow up and have been passed match fit.

The moral of the story though, is for us to make sure that we don’t leave it to chance to maintain our lifestyle financial planning. And in the same healthy way, we seek help accordingly.