Does money run your life?

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 4th September 2019.

I was challenged the other day.  Thankfully not to a duel at dawn in the nearby Park as my pistol shooting isn't up too much these days.  No, the gauntlet thrown at my feet was to describe what I do in no more than six words.
Apparently, this idea had come about when a five-year-old asked one of Google’s founders what he did for a job.  His reply (considering his empire spans some of the most complex technology on the planet) was genius - ‘I help people find things quickly’.
So, with those words ringing in my ears here’s my succinct description of what I do - ’I help people enjoy happier lives’.
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen people become visibly happier when they’ve got their finances under control.  I could of course swap the word control for organised and it would still be accurate.
For many people, money runs the way they live.  Not vice versa.
The goal of my approach to lifestyle financial planning is that it should allow you the opportunity to live your life how you want to.  It’s the best part of my job.  Seeing people more relaxed and confident about their futures, because they’ve acted and have laid out a plan to work to.  They also continually review the plan and take actions as necessary and as needs be.

Our financial lives can often feel complicated and messy.  That is, if we allow them to.

A simple example of this is when clients come through my doors with a myriad of different accounts, contracts and policies.  They often try to organise these themselves but end up at the point of saying ‘sod it, it’s too complicated’.  This is where their heads get buried in the sand and no decisive action is taken.

This is just one area where someone like me can help.  By looking at the situation objectively, helping to get the financial house in order allowing people to feel a renewed confidence about their future.