Don’t Stop Before You Even Start

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 11th May 2016.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of showing a couple of business associates and friends around Thruxton Race Circuit as part of my involvement with Rob Austin Racing at RAR Handy Motorsport.

Rob Austin drives for RAR Handy Motorsport and races in the British Touring Car Championship and as one of their partners, I have access to race weekends and networking events held at race circuits across the country.

It was an opportunity I stumbled upon via LinkedIn. When the pitch was first made albeit at an entry level, I almost dismissed it immediately. It’ll be too expensive. It’ll take up too much time. It’s for much bigger companies than mine. Simply, I’d almost parked the idea before looking at it. But then I thought let’s explore it more.

It turned out to not be expensive at all and it fits perfectly with my passion for all things Motorsport. It’s also a brilliant opportunity to spend quality time with clients, business associates, friends and family.

I'd been looking at other ideas such as golf and football which were two on the table. But my passion lies with Motorsport so as I've said before, why not mix pleasure with business?

Mr L who is a business associate, client and friend who came last week said that the only time he’d seen me as animated was when I talking about lifestyle financial planning.

I think many of us have a default setting of saying no to new ideas sometimes before we've even really looked into them.

This was the case of Mr and Mrs L who I focused on in a recent blog.

At our Discovery meeting, we discussed their aspirations and future plans where they mentioned that they wanted to start a family business. Mr L had quickly dismissed it as not being feasible. It felt too big, too scary, too new.

But when we explored it where I saw that they actually had everything they needed to get going, they looked into it more where it dawned on them both that 'hey this is a good idea which businesses need and plays to our respective skills and we can do it'.

Since that meeting a month ago they have begun working on a plan to make it happen. This idea of theirs had been kicked around for years and it was only when a fresh set of bespectacled eyes (mine) looked at it and gave a different perspective that they began believing in it.

So what has this got to do with financial planning? Well in my experience many people put themselves off before they've even looked into it properly. They've stopped before they have even started.

Financial planning is nothing more than giving yourself the lifestyle you want. I'm doing it myself so let me show you how too.