Don't take us for Granted

Posted by siteadmin on Friday 22nd May 2015.

So it’s a fortnight since we headed to the polls and ended up with the result which shocked the nation.

To be honest I breathed a sigh of relief at the news. Not because it was a majority victory for the Conservatives but that it brought clarity to a situation which looked like being very uncertain and very unclear.

A hung Parliament along with potentially an extremely long drawn out process of forming a coalition government would have had a negative effect on the financial markets.

Boy oh boy did the pollsters get it wrong.  As did the Labour party, especially in Scotland and in other areas in the UK too.

The SNP landslide north of the border showed that many of our Celtic cousins felt Labour had taken them for granted over many years.

There’s nothing worse than feeling as though your patronage or support is being taken for granted. It’s the same in my industry. I’m always mindful of being thankful and respectful of clients. Especially those I’ve worked with for many years.

Familiarity should never breed contempt. It should build trust and rapport. When people in a business setting feel taken for granted, they show their feelings by voting with their feet and by taking their hard earned money elsewhere.

I was very worried before the election about Ed Balls becoming Chancellor. We all have our views about politicians. But unlike Steve Webb the former Pensions Minister who I've met on a number of occasions and without question knew his subject, I was unconvinced by Ed2.

A bit like the England football manager not knowing what's his best team to select. Oops, too delicate that one perhaps so let’s move on!

Indeed, the election wasn't the only time a poll got a big call totally wrong. The English football referee Graham Poll during the 2006 World Cup gave a yellow card to the same player twice in the same game without sending him off. 

I’m optimistic about the future and the reaction from the stock market and property industries seem to support that feeling.