I need to make an Appointment with the Doctor!

Posted by siteadmin on Friday 8th May 2015.

I’m writing this being bleary eyed having watched the election results coming in late into the night.

It’s been a very good night for the Conservatives and the SNP, a horror show for Labour and a nightmare on Downing Street for the Liberal Democrats.

Regardless of the colour one follows, the financial world likes clarity and such results bring good news as one thing the markets despise is uncertainty.  Assuming things remain as projected (at the time of writing), our political picture now seems to be a lot clearer rather than some had predicted.

So with the election done and dusted (at least almost) I’m off to the office for another full on day.

Being busy is of course great but it does create challenges.

I joked to a friend the other day that I was beginning to feel like a Doctor, with a large case load and constant visitors to my ‘surgery’.

His response was great, 'Well as long as what you prescribe doesn't cause nasty side or after effects everything will be fine'.

It was a light-hearted comment but I can see a link in styles between good doctors and good financial planners.

Regular and new 'patients' to see, annual reviews, strategic planning and add to that my involvement in community groups, time has to be managed.

In my experience, a good General Practitioner realises a one size fits all approach doesn't necessarily work the best.  A good GP gets to know their patient, can relate to them, empathises with their woes and knows when to listen and when to talk.

Not just when to speak but which kind of language to use to connect with that person in the best possible way. I have to use a similar approach too.

Some people are direct, straight talking and want things done as quickly as possible. No problem. Others are more cautious, need a lot of reassurance and like to reflect on things. Again no problem with that either.

There are also some who are in the middle of these two personality types and require a slightly more different approach.

The key is that different people like to be communicated with in different ways and this is something I fully respect and understand. Having such diversity makes the job far more interesting and rewarding as well.

Thinking of it this way, my Parents could refer to me as 'Our Son the Doctor'!

Finally, congratulations to Watford Football Club with whom we have an affiliated link with their promotion to the English top flight.

It’s been a great season for the other two clubs I have links with.  AFC Bournemouth went up as champions where I've spent a lot of time over the years and Brentford who I used to watch, week in week out as a kid have done brilliantly to get into the play-offs.