Life changes so Plan Properly

Posted by siteadmin on Friday 14th August 2015.

I was recently approached by a chap in his early 40s who knew me, whose circumstances and reasons for enquiring were a classic example of why people come to us. It’s often a life changing event which prompts people to seek out financial planning guidance.

This chap called me asking whether we sourced life and critical illness insurance cover and if we could improve on what he had.

The answer was yes to both questions. Then it was my turn to start asking questions as part of the process is for me to find out as much as possible about the situation.

He went on to tell me that he had recently moved and relocated near to the coast with his young family and that he wanted to ensure they were financially protected if something bad happened to him.

For him, the move was a life changing event as his mortgage had increased and he wanted peace of mind to know his loved ones were protected.

We looked at what cover he had and what level of protection he needed in order for me to come up with some proposals.

What was interesting was like many people, he thought this research was merely a case of searching a comparison site. But there’s a lot more to it than that.

Having adequate and appropriate life and illness protection cover is the first step in the financial planning process and it’s important that the right steps are taken. Hence doing it properly.

Other life events which often prompt people to get in contact include death of a loved one, divorce or just receiving correspondence in the post.

If not you, you may know someone who is experiencing the same.