Living Le Dream

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 6th July 2016.

I’m nervous, or maybe it’s excitement, I can’t quite work it out yet. Probably best to describe it as nervous excitement.

Next week I’m heading off to central France to take part in a 24 Hour Kart race at the citadel of endurance motor sport - Le Mans.

This has been on my bucket list for some time and I’ll be racing as part of the CSMA Boundless Le Mans Racing Team. The event runs from the 15th to 17th July. Set up is on Thursday 14th with Free Practice on Friday 15th. Qualifying will be on the morning of the 16th with the Race commencing at Noon, finishing twenty four hours later on Sunday 17th.

As a lot of you know I’m motor sport mad and I had a crazy idea one day before Christmas to ping out a few emails to my fellow racers in the two clubs I race with and it subsequently became a monster of interest. Motor sport is my passion and I see lots of parallels to my work as a lifestyle financial planner. Especially with this race in particular.

Firstly, you need to plan and prepare. As a team, we've been in constant dialogue to try to pre-empt as best we can and to ensure we've thought about everything. This planning is not dissimilar to my discovery and review meetings with clients.

We talked about what we want to happen, what could happen and what we could and couldn't ultimately control.

An example is that there's one thing we obviously can’t control which is the weather (although it would be nice if we could) but we can plan for different scenarios - dry, wet, hot, cold etc.

I’m hoping that mid France in mid July lives up to its usual warm and sunny climate, which will help with the tyres running at the correct operating temperature to give us grip and speed but could also cause issues for us with fatigue.

As a minimum, we need to be mindful and plan for it being only moderately warm but where we’ll need to ensure that we’re hydrated properly before and after each of our driving stints.

In past years, the heat in mid France in the height of Summer has been a major factor and this will really test our levels of planning, organisation, fitness and determination.

We've planned out the running order of when each of us will be on track, our re-fuelling strategy, getting all the kit over to France and even the best way to ensure we have enough sleep and rest before and during the race.

Just like lifestyle financial planning, the devil is really in the detail. Being part of a team means we can utilise each person’s knowledge and strengths. Could I have put it all together myself? Almost certainly not and if I had, it wouldn’t be half as much fun and it would have been for sure a hell of a lot of stress.

Again there are echoes of lifestyle financial planning in that last statement. Some people set off and try to do it themselves. Fewer get it right. But almost all encounter more hassle, stress and work than they originally thought possible than when they began.

I’m feeling confident that we’ll do ourselves proud (nervous excitement aside) and that belief is born out by the amount of pre-planning we’ve invested into ourselves and the race.

Feel free to follow the CSMA Le Mans Racing Team from our arrival in mid France on Thursday 14th through Set up, Free Practice, Qualifying and then of course the Race itself via CSMA Le Mans Racing on Facebook and @Csmalemans2016 on Twitter.