A Milestone

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 8th January 2020.

2020, a new year and a new decade.
This year will mark the tenth anniversary of Essentially Financial where back in the early part of 2010, I made the decision to go it alone.  The brief being to do things differently, by focusing on helping guide people on their lifetime journey through the ever-changing cycles of life.  And ensuring that they achieved the things they wanted to achieve, whether it be driven by things that are good, or perhaps not so good.
More so for me though, it was a personal lifestyle change.
It could be argued and rightly so, with respect to some of the shenanigans we’ve seen within our political system as an example for some years now, that we’re often at the mercy of things we can’t control.  To some extent that’s true.  But in many others, we have the innate ability to take charge and do things because they are right.
Maybe that’s nothing short of our human survival instinct.  Or maybe we’re stimulated by a simple light bulb moment, albeit that it sometimes can take time to click.
But without doubt, when we see the light (sorry to drop that in) and act, we experience a feeling of contentment and liberation.
Of course, often these kinds of scenarios feature around the complexities of rules, regulation or understanding of what we can and can’t do.  And cause us to retreat because it’s all too complicated, where we just want to bury ourselves under the duvet.
That’s where proper lifestyle financial planning comes in.  And where it’s often the case that we need help in seeing that effective light at the end of the tunnel, by being guided, coached, helped and ultimately advised.

All I’ve tried to do in these articles is demonstrate that if I’ve been able to make an impact on my life (and it’s not all about me being seen on the race track by the way) and with ten years of proof now, there’s a probable chance wherever you are in the life cycle, that I can help you also.

More of this to come in 2020.