Peace of mind is Priceless

Posted by siteadmin on Monday 9th November 2015.

From time to time in this blog I’ll be sharing case studies that highlight the importance and value of what we do.

An example of such was when we helped a lady who was suffering from a serious illness to access full time care without putting her financial legacy at risk.

One of her relatives contacted us and explained the situation. She was in her sixties and in warden controlled accommodation. Due to her declining health she needed to move to a care home which could provide the level of treatment and attention that her condition required.

Our role in making this happen was to be clear or her wishes and aims, review what was possible under the circumstances and embark on a plan of action to help her do what she wanted.

Her primary concern was that the care would be paid for. Without getting too technical, we had to source something which right now is relatively hard to find on competitive terms being an immediate care annuity.

We liaised with the care home and ensured that the payments from the annuity would be paid directly being the most efficient way of administering.

It was also important that her residual capital from the sale of her house was invested sensibly.

I know from experience that the banks have processes for people trying to access large sums of their own money which can be time consuming and stressful. We established their requirements to ensure that any dealings that our client had were stress free.

Certain life events such as serious illness and bereavement can be hugely draining for the people involved. Part of our work is to make any financial implications or actions they are faced with as painless as possible. In these situations people already have enough to worry about.

Our client then got to move into the care home of her choice, confident that all of her financial affairs were in order. Knowing this had happened and been done professionally by qualified and experienced experts gives people something which is in my opinion priceless - peace of mind.

Every client is an individual with different aims, concerns, issues and needs. Our approach is always to listen first, then ask questions and then work together to plan what needs to be done in their best interests.