Pearl Anniversary

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 2nd December 2020.

In my last article, I talked about 2020 marking the tenth anniversary of Essentially Financial. I also mentioned that this was the first of two big anniversaries for me. And here’s the second.

Thirty years is a very long time in anyone’s book. But what a thirty years it’s been!

Just over a year before I became a financial planning consultant in the new year of 1991 for Save & Prosper (part of Robert Fleming bank back then, now morphed into JP Morgan), my daughter was born on the day that the Berlin wall came down.

Since then, we’ve seen much happen in the world from unnecessary conflicts and wars to growing and more unpredictable acts of carnage and terror. Political power plays and evergrowing corporates taking over the world. Technology now being at the centre of our lives.

But what we’ve also seen is increasing equalisation, diversity and humanity, albeit with a long way to go. Our children have grown and become adults themselves and have made their own way in life.

What’s for sure though is that one thing in life is certain. Nothing stays the same forever.

Over the past thirty years, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed helping people when things have been good or bad. Helping them to navigate their life in ways that means the most to them.

This might sound like I’m thinking of hanging up my boots soon. Don’t worry, I’m not and I know that there’s life in the old dog yet.

Indeed, there are just as many challenges in life as there ever were. With the issues relating to Covid 19 and lockdown currently being a big concern.

But broadly, the impact along with the planning and actions required in lifestyle financial planning terms are no different to any other. The key words here being lifestyle and planning.

Despite the challenges we’ve faced in 2020 and with more yet to come, let’s hope for a much better 2021 and beyond.