Reasons Why People Want Help

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 31st August 2016.

During the past quarter of a century since I began working within the financial services industry, I’ve experienced a range of reasons why people come to me for help.

It’s typically a change in their circumstances of some kind or an unexpected event which moves them to pick up the phone requesting an opportunity to discuss their concerns, issues and plans (or in many cases with the latter, the lack of one).

Below are the most common reasons as to why people get in touch.  The list is by no means endless or exhaustive and on a monthly basis I hear new things that motivate people to start planning for life.  But they do fall into the following broad range of issues:-

  1. Simplification of finances and life - With a plethora of products people tend to own across several companies acquired over a number of years, they often look for consolidation and simplicity when it comes to their money matters and life.
  2. Children - Whether it’s planning for private education, ensuring that they are fully insured to protect them if something happens or simply wanting to pass on a legacy to their sons and daughters.
  3. Home improvements - Looking at their financial situation to see that they have the money to make the desired changes to their home.
  4. Life event - On many occasions people ask for help to plan what they should do with a redundancy payment and indeed what to do next in life.
  5. Inheritance - Similar to the redundancy issue in the sense that a ‘windfall’ needs looking after and needs an accompanying plan.
  6. Lifestyle Changes - When a policy matures people often want to know if their money will last as long as they will.  This is regularly accompanied by people wanting to start living life more on their terms.
  7. Later Life Care - As the population lives longer it’s important to plan for the care of loved ones and indeed ourselves.
  8. Business - A successful business can bring with it the question of what to do with the hard money earned. Again, proper planning helps protect the money to give people the greater peace of mind they crave.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to have an initial chat about your lifestyle financial planning and wherever you are in your life cycle, the first step is to be bold and explore how a relationship with a financial planner can work.