Scotland decides, local businesses unite and the sun bed beckons

Posted by siteadmin on Friday 3rd October 2014.

So the dust has settled on the decision by Scottish voters to remain a part of the United Kingdom.

Prior to and since the referendum I’ve been asked several times by people what does it mean for the money markets?

Well the financial world loves stability and now that the decision has been made to stay united, the union share prices have been positive and the pound surged.

Had the vote gone the other way then that would have had a big, harder to predict effect on the UK economy. However, no change has been greeted as good news in the financial industry.

Closer to home there’s been another and less contentious unification announced recently.

One of my voluntary roles within the community is that of Chairman of the Pinner & Northwood Business Club (PNBC).

It’s a position I really enjoy. The club’s aims are to support the local community, fund raise for charity and good causes, build better business relationships and to give entrepreneurs a voice to lobby local authorities.

Last week that voice got a little louder as we absorbed the Pinner Independent Traders Association (PITA). The group was organised to benefit local traders and encourage people to shop in Pinner.

I’m delighted that we can carry on PITA’s great work and introduce some of their ideas and members to the PNBC.

It is early days as unifications go but watch this space as we have some exciting developments and projects planned.

Mrs C and I are off on holiday for a while very shortly so the sun bed is beckoning. I intend to do very little apart from recharge, share some quality family time and eat some good food.

Finally, thanks to all of you who commented about my debut blog. It seems to have been really well received. As with any business we learn so much from listening to other people’s views.