So what does the result of the General Election really mean?

Posted by siteadmin on Sunday 11th June 2017.

My blog following the 2015 General Election was entitled 'Don't take us for Granted' (feel free to check back). In that situation, Ed Miliband and the Labour Party did just that. Now we've seen that replicated by Theresa May and her close consorts. It could also be argued the same with Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP where Alex Salmond (the man who wanted to be king) and Angus Robertson (the SNP Deputy Leader) both lost their seats. Meaning that 'indyref2' is probably now finished.

From time to time I check out online reviews of new local Restaurants. One that my Wife has just seen, where the establishment concerned will remain nameless said:-

'Had a very bad experience at Xxxxxxxx today. We ordered our starters and mains but all the food arrived together. Even though we complained that we wanted our mains to be bought out later, it fell on deaf ears. We carried on with our evening when half way though our meal, the waitress brought our bill and said we had to pay as soon as possible due to people waiting for our table. We were still finishing off our food. Within a minute the manager was hovering and telling us to hurry up as our table was needed for other customers. Even though there were people sitting at other tables a lot longer than we were. He came across as a bully and aggressive. We will not be using this place again and I certainly won't be recommending it to my worst enemy'.

The point is and particularly politically, when will people learn? Even if Mrs May is able to form a workable government working with the DUP, there's a leadership challenge to oust her and/or another General Election, the fact that it should tell the political class of there being no decisive winner in 2010 (which of course resulted in the Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition), the EU Referendum last year or indeed now, that there has to be a shift in how the electorate are treated. 

My personal view is that if we have another imminent General Election and unless the stance changes with all mainstream political colours, the basis of the result will not change. The repeated evidence is now proven, confirming that what people don't want is a radical shift from left to right or vice versa.

As a result, it's clear that we can only progress by listening. In parliamentary terms, those concerned have to start learning and finding ways to work together. For goodness sake please, as this affects us all!

I've said many times that uncertainty is a certainty. My guidance is, keep that in mind with all that you do.