Start with why

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 27th April 2016.

This blog is named after an interesting book, which I was reminded of recently.  It’s by an American author called Simon Sinek and turns some well established thinking completely on its head.

To cut a long story short (it’s actually not too long) Simon says that it’s more important to discover why you are doing something rather than simply going straight into what it is that you want to do.

He illustrates his point using examples from Apple.  At the core (pardon the pun) of what Apple set out to achieve was to make life simpler, more portable, entertaining and a better experience for their customers.

The iPod is an example of this and what it did was to revolutionise the way we buy music, watch TV and movies and read books by making it much easier where we could purchase downloads which has now become the norm.

Apple certainly weren't the first ones to the digital party.  But they did things differently with more flair and innovation than their rivals and the rest is history.

The thinking behind the book appeals in two ways and because I see parallels with the world of financial planning and what I’m trying to achieve here with Essentially Financial.

One of the key factors I try to find out during a Discovery Meeting is why people want to financially plan.  But more so, what gets  them up in the morning as their motivators as it's that that's the key.

The second part of the book that resonates is the focus on Apple’s obsession with improving the customer’s experience of their products and services.

Now I’m not comparing myself to the genius folk of Apple, but I am always looking for ways for our services to be more innovative, forward thinking and as easier to access and use as possible.

Why?  Because I passionately believe in the power of financial planning to enable people to live their lives the way they want to.

If you are interested in finding out more about the book then just visit

Away from the office I can also lay claim to racing against a talented driver called Hamilton last week.

Not Lewis but his younger brother Nick.  He was pretty useful on track and it was good to race against him where on one or two occasions, I let him know I was there with a few light nudges.

He was filming whilst our club held our monthly race meeting and he kindly accepted the invitation to join in.