The Meaning of Life ............Planning

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 17th February 2016.

I better start this blog where I finished off the last one, heading to jail.

On March 11th I’m being locked up. Thankfully it’s in the name of charity rather than anything untoward. It’s part of a fundraiser on behalf of St Luke’s Hospice in Kenton where local community figures get ‘banged up’ in Pinner Police Station and only released after £1,000 has been raised as ‘bail’.

The event is aptly called jail and bail and if you would like to make a donation the link to the Just Giving page is

I’m doing this with my Pinner & Northwood Business Club Chairman hat on and can thank fellow members of the PNBC for suggesting I get thrown in a cell. Thanks folks.

Right then back to the main point of this blog and a profound one it is too. The Meaning of Life ............Planning.

As the title implies it’s actually my interpretation tied to life planning.

I think it’s a common misconception that financial life planners are, and indeed financial life planning is, just about making your money grow.

Don’t get me wrong that is a crucial part of it but for me financial planning, when done well, gives people a chance to enjoy their lives in the style they want to.

That’s why I make it an imperative to discover what my clients want from life, to understand their goals and then we set off helping them to achieve that.

I have a good example of this close to home. In fact it’s me.

When I made the decision to ‘go it alone’ and set up Essentially Financial in 2010, it was more of a freedom thing than a financial motivator.

Of course I wanted to do well, but I also wanted the lifestyle of working locally where I'd lived for twenty five years and within the community by doing what I felt passionate about and being fully in control of my own destiny.

It was the best decision (apart from proposing to my wife Caroline) that I have made.  Not least being a lifestyle change.

I still feel as though I’m in an extended honeymoon period (at the office that is). I love what I do and what it allows me to do outside of the office.

That’s the essence of financial planning.  It’s taking the right steps towards what you want from life and helping you to live it on your terms.

And that for me means a hell of a lot.