The Meaning of Life Financial Planning

Posted by siteadmin on Monday 4th February 2019.

'Planning is bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it now.' - Alan Lakein.

I’m a financial planner not a philosopher. But for me, life is all about enjoying the ride and making the most of it.

I think it’s a common misconception that financial life planners are, and indeed financial life planning is, just about making your money grow.

Don’t get me wrong. That is a crucial part of it. But for me lifestyle financial planning, which I refer to cryptically in this headline, when it’s done well, gives people a chance to enjoy their lives in the style they want to.

That’s why I make it imperative to discover what my clients want from life, to understand their aspirations allowing us to then set off helping them to achieve that.

I have a good example of this close to home. In fact, it’s me.

When I made the decision to ‘go it alone’ and set up Essentially Financial in 2010, it was more of a lifestyle and freedom choice, rather than a financial motivator.

Of course, I wanted to do well financially. But I also wanted the lifestyle of working where I was in control. I've lived locally for some thirty years and have got to know the community. By making this choice allowed me to extend my passion to bring the same to others, whilst being in control of my own destiny.

It was the best decision I've made (apart from proposing to my wife Caroline). Not least being a lifestyle change.

I still feel as though I’m in an extended honeymoon period (at the office that is). I love what I do and what it allows me to do outside of my working life.

That’s the essence of successful lifestyle financial planning. It’s taking the right steps towards what you want from life and helping you to live it on your terms.

It’s about moulding your money into something which will give you the lifestyle you want. And that for me means a hell of a lot.