Ties ARE not Optional There Lewis!

Posted by siteadmin on Friday 17th July 2015.

When we launched this blog nearly eleven months ago I explained my attitude towards wearing ties.

I like to think of myself as an informal, open, friendly kind of guy and my take on tie wearing reflects this.

I only wear them when the situation dictates, not as a matter of routine. It’s fair to say an invite to watch the Wimbledon Men’s Final would be such a situation when I’d be willing to toe the line and wear a tie.

Unlike Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton who was refused entry from the Royal Box and declined the offer of the tie and jacket Wimbledon officials provided him. His invite clearly stated the dress code.

He’s a very talented young man but needed to show a little more humility last Sunday in my view.

Talking of talented young people, it was my absolute pleasure last week to give a presentation to students at the Stockley Park Academy.

It was part of my voluntary work with Discover Fortunes, which is an initiative from the Chartered Insurance Institute in conjunction with the Personal Finance Society.

It is aimed at helping students understand the different elements of investments, pensions, savings and protection with a view to considering financial services as a potential career path.

One of the examples I used last week was to show how the Greek debt crisis along with George Osborne’s recent budget and changes to educational funding are all linked. I showed them that if you looked into it and ‘joined up the dots’ you’d see how all of the above were related.

Any good financial plan will recognise how many different aspects of our individual lives are connected and take this into account.

I love these opportunities to speak with young people as it’s always good to encourage them to look into a career in financial planning and see if it is for them.

Next week I’m taking part in another great event, this time via the Bright Ideas Trust. Founded by the very first Apprentice winner, Tim Campbell, it offers principally young entrepreneurs business advice, mentoring, support and training.

I won’t be wearing a tie for that one because I know the type of audience and the invite hasn't said I need to.

So Lewis please take note.