The time is right

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 4th August 2021.

Quite often, I have people make contact wanting to engage in an initial meeting, but who are not ready for what ultimately is lifestyle financial planning,
Typically, although they’ve grasped what it is and are aware that they’ll need to, opening up can be quite challenging. More so, when realise that they’ll need to open up to themselves.
Moving into a particular phase of the life cycle or having a specific event occur, tends to make the timing more relevant. But even then, the process of going deep to understand what we want can be daunting. Often, because we don’t believe it to be achievable. Not least as it’s not something we’ve experienced before, have any evidence of or can reflect on.
For some, the physical practicalities of walking on the moon or sailing the world single handed might be a bit prohibitive. But that doesn’t mean that with a bit of focus, coaching, direction and guidance, retiring early or helping our families to build their lives isn’t doable.
What we first need is the confidence in that we are prepared to make that initial step. Yes, it can be as I often say a blind leap of faith. To an extent, we’re walking into the unknown and don’t know what to expect. But once we’ve taken that first step and followed through with more, the confidence and understanding builds.

It’s a pleasure to see, where the various checkpoints encourage people to ask more and more questions. Proving that we’re starting to achieve what we set out to, by making the whole process far more intuitive. Rather than just looking at bank balances and policy values which on their own, can be meaningless.
As I’ve said before, although the money is important, it’s what we do with it that counts.