What the Vikings Taught us About Life

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 25th May 2016.

When the Vikings landed on the shores of countries they had come to pillage and conquer they ceremonially burned the longboats they had sailed in from Scandinavia.

Historians and indeed psychologists say there were two main reasons they did this.

The first was to strike fear into the people of the land where they'd arrived at where blazing boats could be seen from miles around. The message was clear – the Vikings are coming and they mean business!

The second, and for me the most interesting, was that by burning the boats the Viking warriors were showing total and utter commitment to their cause. They were deadly serious (literally) about achieving their goals.

There was no turning back and the focus of them all was on one thing – victory.

Now one thing that I see quite often during my work, especially with prospective new clients is a ‘we’ll mull it over for a bit’ attitude.

That’s totally fine and my approach is never to chase or to pressure people into making a decision as it's about their life not mine. But it often turns into a non decision and three years down the line, nothing has changed and their financial future is as unclear as it was before.

By not committing to taking action, people put themselves under more stress rather committing to themselves and tackling what needs to be done to get their life and their finances on a path they are happy with.

I totally understand that committing to the financial planning process requires a BIG leap of faith for some. But in my experience those that have, have done so with conviction and no regrets.

Yes part of that decision is hard as it's very very personal. My job is to motivate but once the decision has been taken, I've seen so many times where it reaps rewards.

Similarly, I committed to a personal trainer sometime ago because I knew that I lack motivation when it comes to keeping fit. A healthy body does return a healthy mind, that I'm convinced of. Thankfully my personal trainer keeps me on the right path of being focussed and motivated.

He makes me commit to things I wouldn't do myself and I end up sticking to them and feeling all the better for it.

Now it’s not as dramatic as burning a longboat, but even a small step towards planning for your financial future could be a giant leap towards you living life on your terms.

We just need to commit to ourselves and take control but where sometimes, we need a little help.