What’s important to us and gives our life meaning?

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 3rd March 2021.

Many years ago, I decided to undertake some personal one to one training. I was keen to reinvigorate and refresh my zest for what inspired me in my life. Francis Nwofor was someone I knew well from networking. He was a martial arts Sensei and trained in Ju Jitsu and Krav Maga. He uses what he learnt with his skillsets to share with others, helping them to create disciplines and meaning to their lives.

It might seem strange in that I felt the need for training. But no successful sportsperson trains themselves. Expecting that without a constructive coach assisting, they’re going to be successful on their own.

It was highly enlightening. So much so, that I’ve run by the principles I learnt ever since. Indeed, I even surprise myself today. Not least as we never stop learning.

What we’ve experienced over the last twelve months with lockdowns and restrictions has been immense. Yes, we’ve seen life difficult and indeed horrendously for some. But we have to re-compose and re-establish what it is we want in life. To really understand what’s of value and how we regain our course.

As I write, I’ve had to take a necessary trip to meet a client to get some urgent documents signed as his scanner wasn’t working and we weren’t prepared to rely on the post. As I got off the tube, I adjusted my mask. What went through my mind was this ‘blasted’ mask. But then I thought about that being all I had to consider. Whereas in wartime in London in the early 40s, people had to carry gas masks and some tin hats.

Lifestyle Financial Planning carries the same effect. It creates clarity in what it is we want in life, how and when. For us, our children and our parents also.

I’m not sure if Francis’s book is still available. But if you can find it, ‘Just like Chess but with kicks and punches’ is worth a read.