When you take action you start taking control

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 13th April 2016.

I had a meeting with new clients earlier this week.

A couple in their mid forties came to see me because they realised that they had put off their financial planning for ‘far too long.’ They are happy to share with others their experience and I think it’s useful to people who may be in a similar situation and may I say regardless where you are in life. What follows are some of the things we discussed during our Discovery Meeting and we’ll refer to them as Mr and Mrs L.

The trigger for commencing work and doing something about their financial future was that they had read an article, which explained some of the reasons why people don’t address their financial planning (or a lack of planning).

Mr L is successful in his area of work but admitted that he didn't feel confident enough to deal with financial matters on his own. Mrs L echoed this feeling and they decided that they needed help to plan for their family’s financial future.

Having read the article they realised they were not alone in delaying financial decisions. Interestingly they are quite normal as there are millions of people in the UK sitting on a similar fence.

There are two key points here. Being in their forties, Mr L felt that they might be too old to start financial planning. The truth is that you are never too old to start taking control of your future and making your life and your money work for you.

The other big point was that this was a chap who had taken several years, by his own admittance, to become comfortable about the idea of accessing expert help. His wife had been ‘on at him’ for years (his words not mine by the way) about taking control of their finances and sticking to a thought through, yet flexible plan. By finally taking action they are now collectively taking control.

As with all Discovery Meetings, I do a lot more listening than talking. And over the course of a couple of hours they told me what they wanted to achieve in their life.

They talked about setting up a family business, which sounded very feasible given their respective skills and experience and would clearly fit in with their financial goals. Plus, they both seemed very passionate about it.

They'd almost dismissed the idea out of hand. But with some further questioning, they both saw that this idea of theirs was a real possibility and could act as the springboard to propel them towards what they really wanted out of life.

They told me that they came away from the Discovery Meeting feeling energised and focussed and they now had the beginnings of a clear financial pathway for their future.

As I’ve said before, taking the first step can be the hardest when it comes to financial planning. But as with all worthwhile journeys, it may take time and initial plans may well need to be revised and restructured along the way.

But as Mr and Mrs L found by taking action, you can put yourselves firmly on the path to a clearer and brighter financial future.