Who says that pleasure and business can't mix?

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 3rd February 2016.

Late last year I was sitting making marketing plans for 2016 and I was thinking about arranging some regular corporate hospitality for clients, suppliers, family and friends.

The usual things sprung to mind. A box at a football club and golf days being another. But then an opportunity came up which meant I could really get the best of both worlds.

As those that know me and regular readers of this blog will be aware, I’m a big motor sport fan. I’m also a firm advocate of innovation and looking to do things differently for a gain in results.

So I was delighted when I was invited to an off the cuff event mid October last where I started to explore a peripheral partnership with Rob Austin Racing (RAR).

Rob is a highly talented driver who competes in the British Touring Car Championship. For the forthcoming season, he’s joined forces with Handy Motorsport and he'll be running a Toyota Avensis where he's expected to be competitive from the off.

Now this wasn’t your usual whack a logo on the side of a car corporate offer. The pitch was far more innovative which made the offer much more attractive. This was a chance to be far more involved, for a reasonable investment, and to get access behind the scenes to get a greater understanding of a sport I love.

Being involved in the RAR BTCC Business Network to give it its full title, will mean I can mix pleasure with business. By inviting clients, business associates, family and friends to the pre-race networking the Friday before and then attend the race weekend with my son Ben, it means I’ve found the perfect solution to what I was looking to do.

By having access to the paddock and pit lane and speaking with the engineers and team managers and of course the drivers, I’m always staggered by the attention to detail which they have to apply.

For example every time a car is sent out on a test, in practice or competition, it’s meticulously clean. The phrase in motor sport regularly used is 'cleanliness is next to godliness'. The preparation and planning is painstaking and precautions are taken against the only real certainty during a race - that something unexpected will happen.

I see a lot of parallels between the race paddock and the world of good financial planning. I’m also a huge believer in the importance of preparation and precautions and this is a constant theme in client discussions.

I’m naturally really excited about the opportunities and fun which being involved with RAR will no doubt bring this year.

Last week as part of my role as Pinner and Northwood Business Club chairman I had the pleasure of welcoming Derin Cag and Tim Campbell MBE.

Derin is an enterprising young man who I mentor through my involvement with Tim’s brainchild The Bright Ideas Trust. The trust helps young people get business ideas off the ground and then create longevity.

Tim, was the first ever winner of the BBC TV show The Apprentice and Derin runs more than one fast growing business.

Hearing from both of them was interesting and inspiring so just click here for a highlight of some of the key points they talked about.

Watch out for my next blog in a fortnight’s time where I’ll explain why I’m being put in jail for a day!