Why Gareth Southgate would make a great financial planner

Posted by siteadmin on Monday 20th August 2018.

The unexpected World Cup adventure England had in Russia has seen Gareth Southgate’s popularity rocket.

Around six years ago, I attended a Football Association event at Wembley Stadium when I was involved with grassroots football.

Gareth was there in his then role as head of the FA’s Elite Development programme, for a question and answer session.

He dealt with everyone’s questions, including my own about England’s issues with penalties, in the way we’ve all now become familiar to hearing.  And with a touch of class, intelligence and modesty.

If he hadn’t ended up as England’s most popular football manager since Sir Alf Ramsey and Sir Bobby Robson, he’d have made a great financial planner and here’s why:-

  • He’s a very good listener and financial planners should listen more than they talk.
  • His informal and approachable manner helps people to relax in his company and feel they can trust him.
  • His close relationships with all of the players show he is respectful to them and vice versa. This is the same with a financial planner / client relationship.
  • He builds rapport with everyone, including the media who were very much onside during the World Cup.  This isn’t usually the case.

By all accounts he’s also meticulous in his approach to work and puts great emphasis on attention to detail.  As with financial planning the devil is in the detail.

And although he takes his work very seriously, he doesn’t put himself on any pedestals.

He also realises that it’s not about him but about the team and his backroom staff.  Unlike some England managers of the past, he’s not a mercenary.

The best financial planners have the same attitude and work ethic.  We’re here to serve the client and get them, not us, the best possible returns and results.

Football may not have come home, but a long lost sense of pride in the England football team has.

And if Gareth ever feels like a career change, I’d be happy to offer him some work experience here at our offices in Pinner.