Why I’m just like Tom Cruise (or so some say)

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 1st March 2017.

I was told the other day that I reminded someone of Tom Cruise. Yes that Tom Cruise, the famous actor. Handsome, a multi-millionaire and one of the most recognisable people on Planet Earth. Rather apt in Oscar week I thought.

Mrs C assures me however that I'm nothing like him, so what was my client thinking of when he made the comparison?

There’s a film Cruise starred in some twenty years ago called Jerry Maguire. It’s about a sports agent who worked for a large global agency but had a crisis of conscience, got the sack and struck out on his own.

To cut a long story short where Maguire (played by Cruise), struggles enormously at first as he loses all his clients. Apart from one.

And that one client goes on to have great success, attracting more sports stars to work with Maguire. As with all the best Hollywood films there’s a very happy ending.

It’s a film which highlights the vital importance of having a great rapport and relationship with people who work closely with you. And it’s about trust to a large degree.

My client reckoned that Maguire’s more personal approach to what he does mirrors mine. So naturally I’ll take that as a big compliment.

He said: 'For me it’s important to have good, close relationships with professionals you work with. It’s about feeling comfortable enough to call them anytime and confident enough that they’ll be willing and able to help.'

When lifestyle financial planning is done well, we do as planners become a part of a client’s life as the work done together is aimed at improving their quality of life. Faith and mutual trust are key.

Working closely with people is what I enjoy the most by helping them to live their life on their terms instead of worrying about what's happening with their money.

Look out for my next blog in a fortnight which will talk more about the importance of having a good relationship with those you work closely with.