Success Stories

Here we demonstrate some real life examples of classic financial planning scenarios.  Although these appear impartial and naturally with no personal details or names listed, our clients featured have kindly given their consent for us to reproduce.  Just click below for the underlying details.

The Consolidators - A couple who were looking to rationalise their arrangements and have a clear picture of where they were heading

‘Our main concern was to establish if we had enough money to support the lifestyle that we wanted when we’d stopped working and to consolidate to make things easier to manage. We’ve always felt relaxed and in control where Les presents the reality of our situation giving us confidence that if we’re not on course, to make changes as necessary. We’ve always had 100% confidence in recommending Les’s services to family and friends'

Mr and Mrs S from Buckinghamshire

The Family Estate - A complex set of affairs comprising of property and various investments where the main party's wishes needed to be addressed

‘Having taken the time to understand my situation and objectives, Les has given both myself along with the family great confidence that our financial affairs are being properly looked after as well as being reviewed regularly’

Mrs A from Essex

The Life Planners - A couple who were looking for guidance in relation to their changing lifestyle position having re-married and recently stopped full time working

‘Our main aim has been to have financial security in retirement. Les has provided an invaluable one to one service in assessing and planning the way forward to achieve our goal. We’ve always felt confident in his ability to manage our finances and to suggest and explain the reasons for changes when necessary to keep the plan on track. His style and individual approach to our needs has provided a very caring and personal service. This has given us a feeling of comfort for the future’

Mr and Mrs B from Dorset

The Retiree - An individual looking to retire who had a number of issues to consider which caused confusion with the multitude of options available

‘The most important thing is when I retired, Les was able to help organise my finances so that I could do what I wanted to do. Despite the plethora of choices, his guidance and recommendations took the pain out of the process and enabled clear thinking and decision making’

Miss T from Hertfordshire

We hope that you find these useful in demonstrating the type of work that we undertake.