Not all returns are financial

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 1st March 2023.

We often look at what we’ve achieved in life in monetary terms. What we have, what we earn and what we expect to receive.

But what is all this worth? And what value can we place on money, if it doesn’t give us the life we really want?

Perhaps by not being able to do the things we want to, if we don’t know what that is. Or where we might want to help our children or loved ones, as they might require or need.

For most human beings, we value what lies in our aspirations, desires and wants. Not how much we have. The latter is vitally relevant. But only as a means to an end. 

I often use this analogy.

Most of us own a car. Some may own a nice car and some not so nice. But the objective of the car, is to get us from A to B comfortably and reliably. Every time we turn the key or press the button, we have only one expectation. That it will start first time. Likewise, in respect of the air conditioning or the heating. That it functions as we expect, every single time.

What we’re not as interested in when we take the car for its annual service, is what the mechanic/engineer/technician has done under the bonnet. Providing we know it’s going to continue to be reliable and do what it was designed for.

The engine/power unit/motor is an integral element of making sure the vehicle allows us to make our regular reliable journeys. But it’s not the reason for having that car. That being to get us from A to B every journey we make.

The same can be said of lifestyle financial planning. Where the money is the engine to enable us to do what we want to. It is critically important. But what’s more important is the value we place on ensuring that our lives are as we want them to be.

Remember that life is not a rehearsal, and we only get one crack at it. And although the money is important, it’s what we do with it that really counts.