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What is it that you want to achieve?

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 4th of January 2023

In lifestyle financial planning terms, we always ask as to ‘what are your goals, ambitions, and aspirations’. I’ve never been comfortable with these terms, as I feel that they’re too generic and meaningless to most people.
My first mission for 2023 is to encourage the use of more appropriate and relevant phrases to replace. All part of the process of educating people of the deep-seated significance of ‘true’ lifestyle financial planning.
Searching on Google, other words pop up. Such as aims, intentions and purpose to name but a few. Any ...

Is the grass greener?

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 7th of December 2022

We all have our opinions, and we all think we know what’s best. Just look at the last two or three years. Should we have locked down faster? How would we have dealt with Putin? And what would we do to address spiralling inflation?

For just over three weeks in October (where I drafted this on the flight back), I was in Southern California. Principally for my son’s wedding, where my daughter-in-law is from San Diego. Followed by much needed time to rest and recuperate on a sunbed by a pool.

With political turmoil back home (hopefully now somew...

What have you got to lose?

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 2nd of November 2022

Looking through some books in my own personal library, I came across one I read some time ago entitled 'Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway'.

Glancing back through the book, the introduction sets out its objectives. It made some great points about people fearing new beginnings and endings, fearing change but also having anxiety about feeling stuck.

This for sure could apply to lifestyle financial planning too. However, unlike buying a piece of furniture for example, lifestyle financial planning is an intangible. It’s a process and experience, b...

How things change

Posted by siteadmin on Tuesday 4th of October 2022

With a blistering record hot summer, almost total lack of rain, energy prices at unimaginable levels, could we really have foreseen how other parts of life would change?

Momentously, the passing of her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, and the proclamation of King Charles III.

Whether you’re a supporter of the royals or not, one cannot admire enough the dedication the Queen gave to her country and the world throughout her 70 year reign. And that unquestionably is going to be replicated by the King.

Admittedly some may not agree. But in my view...

What’s the Target?

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 7th of September 2022

Having an exit strategy is often related to an individual selling a business. In such cases, advice and planning support is recommended, particularly with what to do next.
It’s not just an entrepreneur that needs an ‘exit strategy’. Everyone needs to plan for the future, regardless of where they are in the life cycle.
People in their 20s and 30s, may be continuing their education or starting their first full time job. Their career is just getting under way and doing well. They may be settling down, getting married or starting a family.

Understanding Why

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 3rd of August 2022

The life cycle takes us all through at least one and invariably significantly more of the various challenges that we face. This is what I call life’s distractions.

Not all are bad. When life is going well and even when good news arrives, it can give us just as much to think about. Perhaps creating a successful business, receiving a bonus, getting a promotion or starting a new job. Or even an unexpected windfall. Whatever, it might be that we have to make some key decisions and important choices.
These are just some the things that go throug...

Understanding the Economic Cycle

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 6th of July 2022

The essence of solid lifestyle financial planning helps us control what is within our control. But also, gives us a degree of sound protection against uncertainties.

One guarantee in life is that there is certainty in the uncertainty. What I mean is that life has a very nasty habit of biting us on the back of the neck when we least expect it.

What we must accept, is that certain things are beyond our control. Whether these are unexpected national or world events, global economic issues or stock market downturns.

Ultimately, we need to ensure ...

There are only two basic emotions

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 8th of June 2022

Imagine for a moment there are only two basic human emotions of contentment and fear. As far as our biology is concerned, this can be considered true, where all our other feelings and emotions fall under one or other of these.

In essence, people want to experience more contentment and less fear.

We all have our own unique language for this. But as examples, we want to move away from worry, anxiety and insecurity and move towards joy, happiness and peace of mind.
In lifestyle financial planning terms.

I often give the analogy to the TV progra...

Taking a leap of faith

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 4th of May 2022

Rarely as human beings are we comfortable in taking too much of a risk. Unless it’s a risk that we feel that we’ve reasonably researched, assessed and measured. At least to the best of our ability and capability. And where we have some understanding of the probable pros and cons.
Imagine that you’re beside a swimming pool on holiday, where the sun is beating down, it’s very pleasantly warm and where you want jump in to cool down. Or you’re on a boat somewhere in the Mediterranean and you want leap into the crystal clear sea.
You’re all up fo...

Keeping on track

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 6th of April 2022

With 2022 being my 60th year on planet earth, I’m undertaking what I’m referring to as my Challenge60 Quadrathlon. It’s a series of sporting challenges being completed over the coming months and totals 100 kilometres, circa 60 miles. Additionally, I’m raising much needed funds for
If you want to find out more, just click on support and all donations will be gratefully received and faithfully applied.
At the time of writing, the first of these four challenges i...